May 2021 - Silver Fox Restaurant & Lounge

Silver Fox Employee Spotlight: Meghan Anderson

Name: Meghan Anderson

Position: Server/Waitress

Started at Silver Fox: 2014

Marital Status: Married

Children: 2

Hobbies: Camping, art, and animals.

Bio: Anybody who has worked in the restaurant industry can tell you that the turnover rate is huge. Nobody stays at the same place for extended periods of time. Restaurant workers are sometimes compared to pirates, albeit ones that give instead of take. They go from restaurant to restaurant, kitchen to kitchen – always on the search for the biggest treasure. And, judging by what Silver Fox server Meghan Anderson says, Silver Fox is actually true gold. 

Anderson began working for Silver Fox Steakhouse in 2014. 7 years in the restaurant industry is like 20 in the “real world,” so the fact that Anderson has spent almost a decade at the same restaurant is truly astonishing. But she’s not the only one to have significant years under her server’s apron. Many of the employees at Silver Fox have been there for years. This is, according to Anderson, because of the family-like atmosphere, the leadership of Chef Bernard, and the desire of the staff to see the entire restaurant succeed; not just their part of it. 

“Bernard is an awesome guy … Read more “Silver Fox Employee Spotlight: Meghan Anderson”


Best place in town hands down. So hard to pick from the menu as everything is top notch. I always have a hard time picking between the Walleye or that Brisket Grilled Cheese. The value for what you get is above and beyond others.

Impeccably prepared meals and professional service. We have never had a bad experience there. Keep up the good work!

My family has been going there since the “Circle D Barbecue” days! ❤️ Bernard is amazing and a great long time family friend! Congrats Bernard and the Silver Fox family!

Love Silver Fox and Bernard!! Thank you for giving all that enter your fine establishment delicious meals, wonderful memories and a sense of feeling appreciated by your fabulous staff!!

We love the place, you, the staff, the food! Our favorite place.

Thanks for all you have done and will continue to do. Bernard and staff, you're the best!

Thanks for being our restaurant!!

We LOVE this place. Its quite a drive for us so its for special outings but it never fails for an EXCELLENT date night.

My favorite place to eat!

Just love Chef Bernard and his staff at Silver Fox! Thank you for all you do!

Best place in town....Best place in Wyoming!! Thanks Bernard....and your amazing staff. You know Nancy and I love you guys! See you again any day now!

My favorite restaurant in town! Food, service and employees are awesome!!

We really appreciate all the hard work you do to feed us.

Never once in all this time a questionable meal! Always wonderful. Thank you!

Excellent food, atmosphere, staff and service!

Silver Fox Steakhouse is my No.1 place to go in Wyoming!