Silver Fox Employee Spotlight: Frankie Lorenz

Francine Lorenz, or ‘Frankie’ to those who know her, has a zest for life unlike any other. She moved to Casper from Wisconsin 5 years ago to start a new life for herself and her son and, in the ensuing years, she’s done just that. A big part of her life, of course, has been working at the Silver Fox Steakhouse. 

For Frankie, as well as most everybody else who works there, Silver Fox isn’t just a job. It’s not just a paycheck, or a time-killer, or a means to an end. It’s a place where she felt welcomed. It’s a place where she feels safe, where she feels important, and where she feels loved. From her coworkers to her guests, she considers everybody who walks through the doors of Silver Fox to be friends or family, because that’s how they’ve made her feel. 

We recently sat down with Frankie to find out a little more about her, including her favorite parts about working at Silver Fox, the best parts of the job, the best advice she’s ever gotten, and more. Enjoy this interview with Frankie, who answered each question in “the most Wisconsin accent you’ve ever heard.” 

Name: Francine Lorenz
Title: Server
Tenure: 4 years
Nickname: My real name is actually Francine, but I’ve been going by Frankie ever since I was little! My mom would call me Fran or Franny for short! And now almost all of  my coworkers call me Fran! Sometimes my customers as well! Lol

Where’d you grow up?
I grew up In Manitowoc, Wisconsin (My friends here love it when I say Manitowoc; it makes them laugh). Right on Lake Michigan! 

Why are you in Casper?
I moved here five years ago. I actually had no idea Casper, Wyoming existed until my mom moved here 9 years ago. My mom is my best friend! I lived on my own in Wisconsin for 4 years and had my son in August of 2018, In November, I decided I needed to restart life. I’ve been very blessed to have had this opportunity that my mom and step-dad have given me! Without them, I don’t know where I would be! I packed up my house into my car with my 3-month-old and my cat, and we drove 16 hours to Casper!

How long have you worked at Silver Fox?

Four years.

Favorite thing about working with Chef Bernard?

Bernard is one of a kind! I always know I can get a smile out of him when I compliment him on this excellent work! It amazes me how he is so humble and successful. I’m not a fan of hugs and neither is he, so when we have a moment where a hug is needed, we are both very awkward. I love it! He makes Silver Fox home for me!

Best thing about your job?

I love all of the staff I work with; we are a family here, that’s for sure! I love all of the customers that come out to eat at Silver Fox as well. I’ve gotten to know quite a few! I’m still meeting more, day by day! I love how the customers are so loyal! Some faces I see at lunch and dinner, all in one day.

Favorite dish to serve at Silver Fox?

My favorite dish to serve is the Blackened Prime Rib. And the Deep Fried Lobster! It’s a tie. Working here always makes me hungry and jealous of the person getting to enjoy it. 

Favorite dish to EAT at Silver Fox?

I’d have to say I love everything here! People ask me for recommendations, and I literally name a couple items for each category. But like I said before, I think it would have to be the Blackened Prime Rib and Deep Fried Lobster!!

What do you do in your spare time?

In summer, I like to go to the lake and go camping. During winter, I don’t do much. Sometimes, I go to Colorado and Wisconsin to visit family. I like to bake cookies and cakes with my son. He loves to decorate all of the cookies, and of course loves frosting.

Goal for yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I’d like to be able to travel a little bit more and explore more of Wyoming with my son.

Favorite superhero?

Uhmmm, I don’t know if Sonic is considered a superhero but Preston (my son) said he was. Sonic is his favorite! When I was little, I always loved to run and to be fast. I would always ask my mom to race me to the doors at Walmart. If I’m hanging out with Preston, I am most likely always running because he loves it too. I’m always down for a race to the car or whatever, even at 28.

Best advice anyone has ever given you?

“Never watch a person struggle.” My mom always said that to me growing up, and it stuck with me. I’m always willing to help someone out, no matter what it might be. Just to make things easier for them. You don’t even have to ask, I’ll just help!

What made you want to start working at Silver Fox? What’s the story behind you coming here? 

My mom lived in Casper before me and always said Silver Fox was the place to be. I’d come to visit and I always said I wanted to work at Silver Fox before ever seeing what it was all about! I just knew I wanted to work there. And here I am and I love it! Before I moved to Casper, I met some people at the golf resort I worked at in Wisconsin and turns out, they were from Casper! They also mentioned something about Silver Fox! That’s how you know how much of an impact we make on people.

What is it about Silver Fox that makes it stand out amongst its competitors?

Our food! Our service! Just us as a whole! You can go to other restaurants or you can come to Silver Fox when, as soon as you walk in, you’ll notice we work together as a family. We greet you with a big hello and a smile. Most of the time, we even know you by name. We get to know our customers, and they get to know us!

What is it about serving that you like so much? What has kept you at Silver Fox?

My co-workers and the customers! I love having people come in to Silver Fox who have never been there before. I love when I get to be the first person to serve them. I like to make sure they are treated with great, friendly, and fun service! 

If you could tell people one thing about Silver Fox, what would it be? 

For me, this is a job I’m excited to go to everyday! I’m so happy I get to be a part of the Silver Fox family!