Silver Fox Employee Spotlight: Tessa Zerkle

Name: Tessa Zerkle

Hobbies: Riding Horses, Spending Time with Family, Raising her Son

Current Position: Server

Started at Silver Fox: 2011, celebrating 10 years!

What Did You Do Before Working at Silver Fox: “This was my first job.”

How Did You Start: “I actually had a friend from high school who helped me get the job. I interviewed with Gina and she was very nice, but professional.”

Starting as a Busser: “I started working as a busser. I loved it. Bussers definitely do a lot. It was a good job, but it’s a little bit different [at Silver Fox]. Everybody is pretty helpful about getting everything done.”

On Transitioning: “After being a busser, I became a host. And then from hosting, I went to serving lunch and then to serving dinner. The process took about a year.”

Coming Out of Your Shell: “When I first interviewed with Gina, I was really quiet. Working at Silver Fox has helped me come out of my shell and feel more comfortable talking with others. [Learning how to be more talkative] comes with the job. It’s just [based on] getting to know your customer, learning how to talk to people you don’t know, and how to approach people. It’s a lot easier now than it ever was before.”

What Has Kept You at Silver Fox for 10 Years: “Gina and Bernard treat you like family. When things aren’t going well in your personal life, they’re willing to help out however they can. They’re there to help you, no matter what you need.”

Favorite Part of the Job: “Definitely the relationships you develop with the employees and the customers. You develop all of these friendships, and it’s more like a second family than anything. Bernard and Gina treat you like their kids. I also love that I know my customers and am able to build that relationship with them.”

On Support: “My co-workers were very helpful when I had my son. If I ever needed babysitters, I had multiple people willing to help. And all of the other moms definitely helped me with any questions that I had about raising my first child.” Why is Silver Fox Second-to-None: “At Silver Fox, you can get great food and great service. At Silver Fox, it doesn’t feel like you’re just going to a restaurant; it feels like you’re coming over to a family member’s house.”